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Bien Nacido

Santa Maria Valley

Owned by: Miller Family
Vineyard Manager: Chris Hammell
Varietals: Syrah (Estrella clone), Grenache (Alban clone)


Bien Nacido  is one of the most historic vineyards in Santa Maria Valley, tracing its grape-growing history back to the days of the Spanish land grants. Vineyard Manager Chris Hammell and his dedicated crew continue to take this vineyard to even greater heights. Many of this region’s most acclaimed winemakers have enjoyed great success working with this internationally renowned site. While offering a variety of topography, my very special block of the Estrella clone grows on hillside and produces an elegant, spicy expression of Syrah like those from the great Northern Rhône appellations. This wine often smells of church incense with white pepper and minerality. My Syrah speaks with a softer voice, presenting beautiful aromatics and velvety texture while retaining great structure and perfect acidity.

Bien Nacido Vineyard


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