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2019 Chardonnay Release


Dear Friends,

As I introduce you now to our newest lineup of 2017 vintage white wines, you may notice that we’ve added wines from two renowned vineyards – Oliver’s Vineyard, in the Edna Valley AVA, and Rincon Vineyard, in the neighboring Arroyo Grande Valley AVA. Both properties have been skillfully and lovingly tended by the Talley family for three generations, and have yielded many notable wines.

Some of you might remark – as my financial adviser often does – “Why is Paul adding more wines to his portfolio?”

“Because,” I happily reply, “These are two unique, highest-quality vineyards owned by a wonderful family that takes loving care of their land. Both will be a joy to work with.”

Joy is a key part of artisanal winemaking. My most profound hope is that you, after opening a bottle of my wine, will feel the same pleasure that I feel when focusing my creative nature on the most marvelous grapes I can obtain. And so it is my creative side speaking through these new offerings, rather than what could be called “sensible” considerations. Beyond question, it would be so much easier – and certainly more profitable – to produce less than half of the many wines now in my portfolio. But my dream has always been to own a small, family-run artisanal winery rather than a soulless, factory-style industrial enterprise.

Our 2017 Paul Lato Malvasia Bianca is a tribute to Croatia, its land, its beautiful portion of the Mediterranean Sea, and its welcoming people. Croatians have made wine for some four millennia. I discovered the malvasia bianca grape there a few years ago, and was inspired even more after discovering that it was also a favorite of my wonderful friend, the late Steven von Larner, the owner of a wonderful vineyard in Ballard Canyon from which I still source exceptionally fine fruit.

My interpretation of this varietal has resulted in a sophisticated, beautiful, fruit driven, unoaked wine. I deeply hope that you’ll try it, along with the other white wines in my portfolio. Since we started releasing Paul Lato Malvasia Bianca over a year ago we’ve found that many people have been shy about giving it a try, thinking that only red wines should appeal to a serious wine lover. Yet we’ve also found that everyone who has tasted this wine has enjoyed it a great deal. It may not be as thought-provoking as one of my reds, but it still is a product of my artistic drive, and therefore a wine of pleasure. Sometimes in life we ought to think a bit less and let ourselves feel a bit more.

White wines can bring incredible pleasure. They can be served as an aperitif or in early stages of a meal with lighter, more sophisticated dishes. There is a tremendous potential for greatness in their flowery, flinty, mineral-rich aromatics, high acidity and relatively delicate textures and flavors. There is absolutely no question in my mind that the attention I devote to white wines refreshes and re-focuses my ability to make profound red wines – and vice-versa. I feel it is like the benefit derived by both farmer and land when crops are rotated from year to year.

However, for some people, white wines with their charm, elegance and often eager-to-please nature do not seem serious enough. In many ways this situation reminds me of how comedy may be regarded by some connoisseurs of the cinema.

Nearly everyone loves how great comedies make us smile and laugh. But even though some comedies deliver important messages within their lighthearted mood, they rarely end up winning Oscars. For example, 1940 brought the world a number of comedies which we still treasure today. One of my favorites is The Great Dictator, a Charlie Chaplin masterpiece. It’s an epic takedown of Hitler and Nazism. Chaplin wrote and directed it long before America entered World War II. Though nominated for five awards, it didn’t win a single one. The Best Picture award went instead to a somber, high-toned psychological drama, Rebecca.

Across the decades since, Chaplin’s film has proven exponentially more popular.  Playing a humble Jewish barber who somehow gets mistaken for “Adenoid Hynkel,” the Hitler-inspired ruler of “Tomania,” Chaplin brings the movie to its climax with a great speech that challenges his audience to feel the wisdom in their hearts. It’s a classic moment in the history of cinema.

Because the soul of a would-be comedian is hidden somewhere within my identity as friend, father, and winemaker, I want to present the following brief parody of Chaplin’s classic speech as the climax of this newsletter.

“I do not want to be a dictator. I am not here to tell you what wines you should or should not drink. But believe me, I do not think the world needs another big and over-extracted Napa Valley cabernet. We should rather be open to more subtle, beautiful and elegant wines from white grapes, which can fill our noses with beautiful, flowery aromas and our hearts with pure joy and laughter. We should not think that by embracing subtle, elegant and pure we are weaker but to the contrary we should allow ourselves to think less and feel more.”

With love and gratitude,


Vintage Notes:

2018 “Manga Girl” Sta Rita Hills, Rosé of Pinot Noir
Delightfully pink in color, this lively and vivacious Rosé opens with aromas of lilac, cranberry, and pomegranate. Dry on the palate with champagne-like acidity, it exhibits a unique balance of grapefruit zest, light spice, and a smooth raspberry finish. Rosé of Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile food wines. It Pairs well with a variety of vegetarian dishes, as well as pasta, chicken, and fresh Californian cuisine. This is a great wine for celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and Thanksgiving.


2017 “Boogie Nights” Larner Vineyard, Malvasia Bianca
Made from Organically grown grapes, our 2017 of Malvasia Bianca was fermented and aged in both concrete and neutral oak vessels. Malvasia Bianca is made to be consumed early in its youthful exuberance;however, it can drink wonderfully over the next 2 to 3 years. It is great as an aperitif or party wine, hence the name “Boogie Nights.” The vibrant energy of the vineyard shines through in this wine, with brilliant aromas of citrus and white flowers, crisp acidity and a clean, dry finish.


2017 “It’s All Good” Talley – Oliver’s Vineyard, Chardonnay
Growing in sandy clay loam in the Edna Valley, these 27-year-old vines produce Chardonnay of great balance and complexity. Opening with youthful aromas of white peach, river rock, and almond flowers on the nose. Its lively, caressing palate is a seamless balance of crisp Fuji apple and salted caramel. With its smooth and refreshing finish, this Chardonnay will charm you into saying, “It’s all good…”


2017 “Done & Done” Talley – Rincon Vineyard, Chardonnay
Our inaugural vintage of this vineyard is a classic California Chardonnay. It offers intriguing aromas of honeysuckle, apricot, and river rock. It will seductively draw you in with flavors of bright peach, honey, pear, and creamy marshmallow. This medium-bodied wine is balanced with good acidity—making it lovely on its own or perfect with food. The rich and delicious finish provides the perfect end to this delightful wine.


2017 “Belle de Jour” Duvarita Vineyard, Chardonnay
Very sleek and elegant chardonnay from the Biodynamic Duvarita vineyard, it is a classic example of the intriguing depth and complexity Biodynamic wines exhibit. It is intensely aromatic, with acacia flowers and seabreeze-like mineral notes on the nose. Medium bodied, long in the mouth, clean, and very well balanced on the palate, finishing with the contrasting flavors of lemon zest and butterscotch. It is lively enough to be an aperitif; however, it will greatly compliment seafood like shrimp, scallop, or pair well with traditional French cuisine.


2017 “Le Souvenir” Sierra Madre Vineyard, Chardonnay
This wine possesses a powerful and exuberant nose of brioche and lemon zest, with nuances of vanilla and spice. It is dry, yet plenty rich in its taste, with medium plus body, voluptuous and round texture, and nuances of minerals. The seamless integration of new French oak provides plenty of structure, and leads into a gracefully dry finish, inviting you to take another sip. It will drink wonderfully on its own with great conversation or while reading your favorite novel. One of our favorite dishes to pair is a creamy Lobster risotto in light saffron spice.


2017 “East of Eden” Pisoni Vineyard, Chardonnay
Powerful yet controlled nose, with aromas of flint, lily, and Crème Brulee, California meets Burgundy. The body is long and powerful with marine-influenced salinity and a fresh boisterous finish. This wine has a larger-than-life personality, much like the man growing the grapes, Gary Pisoni. This wine will pair well with lighter dishes of seafood or chicken, but also has the potential to compliment a steak.


2017 KOKORO  Santa Barbara County,  Chardonnay
Our tribute to the great Japanese Chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, Kokoro means “the vibration coming from the heart.” This single-barrel blend is a classic grand-cru like wine. On the nose, it is elegantly complex and perfumed with layers of white currant, yuzu lemon and orange blossom. On the palate, it is a true thoroughbred. Dry yet elegant with plenty of complexity that unveils itself with each sip in the glass. It is a wine of seduction, with gentle silky texture, sustained by powerful structure. Finishes with a diamond like acidity with a hint of spice and hazelnut. Classic, delicious, decadent. This reserve blend has very limited availability. Great match for classic French cuisine, and classic California cuisine.  Try it with pan fried spring trout with butter, lemon, and toasted almonds.

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